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Whether it's medicine, mathematics, science, nutrition, warfare, or whatever, the future impacts made will include a Body of Knowledge sufficient enough for us to achieve each targeted goal.

Modern warfare has obviously leaped a head into the future as we all can see in the Ukraine. We're actually living in the future TODAY. We're in an era of supercomputers, satellite surveillances, and A.I.


Special Ops soldiers of the future have come out of the trenches and are evolving into ever newer domains of warfare. This level of engagement requires input from intelligent people to be successful.

But life, in and of itself, is also a form of warfare. It's what we know and what we do with what we know, that makes all the difference in whether we're overwhelming successes or failures. It's a constant series of battles - a war for being the best we can be -- on the overall -- in this life.

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In many circles of education,this phrase is still used:

Body Of Knowledge

If asked its meaning, can we give an accurate answer without looking it up? We may be amazed by the number of students who can find that as a feat in itself.

But what if getting an A+ depended on our clearly defining what's meant by "Body Of Knowledge?" What would we do if we're serious enough about getting that highly desirable grade?

Answer:  everything we can to find out - and to remember!

That's what A+ students do.


*BODY  OF  KNOWLEDGE (simplified): an established set things we are required to know in order to perform well enough to succeed in clearly defined areas of our lives.


We can use the representative lists ahead. If not enough in this section, access lots more at your fingertips. Good Luck!


























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Frances Jensen, neurologist and author of "The Teenage Brain," investigates the timeless question of whether adolescents are better at multi-tasking than adults.


Active viewing is key. Through these, master lots of facts more in depth than if we are only relying on reading our text and other books.

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Get Top Scores: Informative Videos, Math, Science, Psychology, Biology, History, Technology, Religion, Society, etc is through having a more thorough understanding of how things actually work, happen, and are prevented.

The old saying, in variation, of course, 'A picture speaks a thousands words,' rings true as students are able to see in motion what we are reading about. We get an extraordinary edge toward that all-to-coveted A plus.