Disney Maleficent As Dragon

10" Giant FUNKO



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Average-Sized FUNKO: 3 3/4 inches




Authentic FUNKO  Exclusives
FUNKOSEUM is pronounced "fun-ko-see-um." The term is a Bthbestsellers original. It means "an incredible showcase for some of the best authentic FUNKO to order and own."

FUNKO Courtesy: Books-A-Million 

Disney Villains - Evil Queen
Among Tallest: 5- inches! 


JUMBO Giga..- Jurassic ... 2022
Among Tallest: 6-inches!


Fire Force - Shinra w/Fire
3/34 inches


Stranger Things - Mike Wheeler
3 3/4 inches




Velociraptor - Jurassic ... 2022
3 3/4 inches



Marvel's Zombie Captain America
3 3/4 inches



NIGHTWING - Gotham Knight
4.32  inches



Demon Slayer - Tanjiro Kamado
3 3/4 inches



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These are only the "tip of the iceberg" since there are lots more FUNKO to choose  from. 

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Diamond  White  Vision

3 3/4 inches


Scarlett  Witch

Appox. 3 3/4 inches
Glows In Dark


Claire  Dearing - Jurassic ... 2022
3 3/4 inches


From She-Hulk - Abomination
3 3/4 inches



Infinity Killmonger - 4.5 inches




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Authentic FUNKO - Disney Maleficent, Ursula, Jumbo Giganotosaurus, Cinderella, Stranger Things - Robin Buckely, Velociraptor, Cruella de Ville,  Marvel's,  Supreme Strange, Disney Villain Lady Termaine, Diamond White Vision, Scarlett Witch, Claire Dearing, and more. FUNKOSEUM pronounced "fun-ko-see-um." If we like FUNKO,  then here's among few places online which is portal to many favorites.