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Now an original series starring Katherine Langford [Netflix].
The Lady of the Lake is the true hero in this cinematic twist on the tale of King Arthur. Featuring 8 full-color and 30 black-and-white pieces of artwork by Frank Miller.


Crooked  River

Racing to uncover the mystery of several light green-shoe-clad severed feet found floating in the Atlantic, Agents Pendergast is faced with most inexplicable challenge of his career in this installment of the #1 NYT bestselling series.


A Gambling  Man

The 1950s are on the horizon, and Archer is in dire need of a fresh start after a nearly fatal detour in Poca City. So Archer hops on a bus and begins the long journey out west to California, where rumor has it there is money to be made.


My  Dark  Vanessa

Exploring the psychological dynamics of relationship between a precocious yet naive teenage girl and her magnetic, manipulative teacher. This is brilliant, all-consuming read marking the explosive debut of an extraordinary new writer.


My  Name  Is  Eva

For readers of The Tattooist of Auschwitz, The Lost Girls of Paris, and The Paris Orphan comes an unforgettable story of love, betrayal, and a courageous woman's search for answers -- whatever the sacrifice.


Thick  As  Thieves

In this tantalizing thriller from  #1 New York Times bestselling author, a woman uncovers lifelong secrets as she searches for the truth behind her father's involvement in a heist gone wrong.


The  Law  Of  Innocence

Defense attorney Mickey Haller is pulled over by police, who find the body of a client in the trunk of his Lincoln. Haller is charged with murder and can't make the exorbitant $5 million bail slapped on him by a vindictive judge.


Girls  Of  Shadow

In this mesmerizing sequel to the New York Times bestselling Girls of Paper and Fire, Lei and Wren have escaped their oppressive lives in the Hidden Palace, but soon learn that freedom comes with a terrible cost.


Wild  Card

Stone Barrington and his latest paramour are enjoying a peaceful country retreat when their idyll is broken by an unwelcome stranger. He was sent by an enemy, someone who'd be happy to silence Stone and all his collaborators for good. 


Hunter  Killer

While Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill prepare to join their team on a counter-terrorist mission in the triple frontier--the lawless tri-border region where Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay meet--they are targeted in Charleston, South Carolina. 


Walk  The  Wire

Amos Decker -- the FBI consultant with a perfect memory -- returns to solve a gruesome murder in a booming North Dakota oil town this chilling installment for David Baldacci's #1 New York Times incomparablebestselling Memory Man series.


Women  Who  Kill

The fondest memories of most of us are the times we spent as as children with our mothers. So nurturing we believed all women are "naturally" like that. But this book is our reality check:Women in this book are obviouslynot like that. They kill.



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