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The Puppy Who

Ran Away

By Holly Web

In the newest offering in the best-selling Pet Rescue Adventures series by Holly Webb, Isabella moves in with her new stepfamily and an adorable puppy named Honey. But when Honey runs away under Isabella's care, can Isabella find her before anything happens to the puppy? 

Official Release Date: Mar 14, 2023

PAPERBACK   $5.99 -  AGES  6-9 - *128  PAGES      *Check For Other Formats



By Polly Holyoke

When monsters emerge to attack the empire, it's up to Kiesandra and her beloved winged horse N'Rah to prove to herself and the imperial army that she has what it takes to lead them to victory . . . and survival.

Official Release Date: Mar 7, 2023 

HARDCOVER $18.99 -  AGES  8-12 - *304  PAGES           *Check For Other Formats


Who Is Lebron James

By Hubbard-Marchesi-Who Hq

How did a young boy from Ohio go on to become one of the greatest basketball players of all time? Read about the incredible life and career of LeBron James in this addition to the #1 New York Times best-selling Who Was? series. 

Official Release Date: Feb 7, 2023 

PAPERBACK  $6.99 -  AGES 8-12 - *112 PAGES           *Check For Other Formats



By Jennifer L. Nielsen


Hazel Rothbury is traveling all alone from her home in England aboard the celebrated ship Titanic. Following the untimely death of her father, Hazel's mother is sending her to the US to work in a factory, so that she might send money back home to help her family make ends meet.

Official Release Date: Mar 7, 2023 

HARDCOVER  $15.11 -  AGES  8-12 - *352  PAGES           *Check For Other Formats


The Secret Zoo

By Bryan Chick


The sixth and final book in the Secret Zoo series. Beneath the Clarksville City Zoo exists a magical world--the Secret Zoo. The Shadowist has taken control of the Secret Zoo, and it's up to Noah and his friends--both human and animal--to stop him. 

Official Release Date: Feb 28, 2023 - PREORDER

PAPERBACK  $18.99 -  AGES  10-14 - *208 PAGES           *Check For Other Formats


Ben Yokoyama &

The Cookies Of Chaos

By Matthew Swanson & Robbie Berh

When Ben finds a lost wallet, he's determined to do the right thing instead of spending the money on sweets. But what is the right thing? Ben seeks the guidance of one fortune cookie after another--yet none of the fortunes make sense.

Official Release Date: Mar 7, 2023

PAPERBACK  $13.99 -  AGES  8-12 - *638  PAGES           *Check For Other Formats


Bug Bonaza!  Why Flies  #4

By Andrea Beaty


The fourth book in a nonfiction early-reader series about simple science concepts starring Ada Twist, Scientist! How do bees fly? Why does a spider weave a web? And why are bugs so important to our world?Ada Twist, Scientist: The Why Files is the perfect nonfiction resource for all these questions and more.

Official Release Date: Mar 7, 2023

HARDCOVER  $12.99 -  AGES 5-8 - *80 PAGES           *Check For Other Formats


Dog Man: Twenty Thousand

Flees Under The Sea

By Dav Pilkey


DOG MAN is back!Piggy is back, and his newest plot is his most diabolical yet. Dog Man and the rest of your favorite characters must join together in this heroic and hilarious, ALL NEW adventure. WHAT new villains are on the horizon? WHERE are they all coming from? And WHO will step forward to save the city when scoundrels sabotage our Supa Buddies? 

Official Release Date: Mar 28, 2023 

PAPERBACK  $14.99 -  AGES  7-9 - *240  PAGES       *Check For Other Formats


Simon Sort Of Says

By Erin Bow

Simon O'Keeffe's biggest claim to fame should be the time his dad accidentally gave a squirrel a holy sacrament. Or maybe the alpaca disaster that went viral on YouTube. But the story the whole world wants to tell about Simon is the one he'd do anything to forget.

Official Release Date: Jan 31, 2023 - PREORDER

HARDCOVER  $16.99 -  AGES  8-12 - *320 PAGES           *Check For Other Formats


A Walk In The Dark

By Max Braillier & Letizia Rubegui


Jump into these spine-chilling stories from New York Times bestselling author Max Brallier, perfect for beginning readers Pick a book. Grow a Reader This series is part of Scholastic's early reader line, Acorn, aimed at children who are learning to read.

Official Release Date: December 6, 2022 - IN STOCK

PAPERBACK  $4.99 -  AGES  5-7 - *64 PAGES           *Check For Other Formats




















Boxed Sets Are Not Always
Mass Marketed In Boxes.
Alternative Description:
Box Set. Each can include:


* An actual packaging of two or more books/graphic novels encased in cardboard.

* A package of two or more books/ graphic novels wrapped in durable pressed plastic or other thin material.


 The Cat Kid Comic Club 

3 - Book Boxed Set

By Dav Pilkey

 HARDCOVER  $38.97  AGES 7-18


The Good Dog Collection 2

4-Book Boxed Set

By Cam Higgins and Ariel Landy

PAPERBACK  $27.99  AGES 5-9  

512  PAGES


 PAPERBACK  $69.99  AGES  5-9

1280  PAGES


Captain Awesome 10-Bk Cool - Lection

10-Book Boxed Set

By Stan Kirby and George O'Connor

PAPERBACK  $59.99  AGES  5-9

1280  PAGES


Cat Ninja Boxed Set

3-Book Boxed Set

By Cody - Venable - Colleen

PAPERBACK  $29.99  AGES  8-12

496  PAGES


Warriors - The Broken Code

6-Book Boxed Set

By Erin Hunter

PAPERBACK  $34.39  AGES  8-12

2128  PAGES


My Pet Slime Boxed Set

3-Book Boxed Set

by Sheinmel-Venable

PAPERBACK  $21.99  AGES  6-9

504  PAGES


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