The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie

By Nagi Haruba/Crunchroll

*** At U.S. Theaters On Friday Dec 2, 2022   O N L Y

When five lovely young girls who hate studying hire part-time tutor Futaro, he guides not only their education but also their hearts.  As they finish their third year of high school and their last school festival approaches, they set their sights on what's next. Is there a future with one of them and Futaro?

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A high school romantic comedy with five times the cute girls.

A high school boy must work part-time to help five sisters study so they can graduate, but the only thing these quintuplets have in common is that they all hate studying.

ANIME - Original Japanese
[with English subtitles]

As they finish their third year of high school and their last school festival approaches, they set their sights on what's next. Is there a future with one of them and Futaro?


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NOV - DEC  2022



Rainbow Days 1

By Minami Mizuno

These four friends couldn't be more different: Natsuki Hashiba, a dreamer who longs for love, Tomoya Matsunaga, a self-centered playboy, Keiichi Katakura, a winsome guy with a hidden saucy streak, and Tsuyoshi Naoe, a socially awkward nerd who loves anime, manga, and games. 

Official  Release Date: December 6, 2022 - PREORDER

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Black Clover 31

By Yuki Tabata

Asta is a young boy who dreams of becoming the greatest mage in the kingdom. Only one problem--he can't use any magic Luckily for Asta, he receives the incredibly rare five-leaf clover grimoire that gives him the power of anti-magic.

Official  Release Date: December 6, 2022 - PREORDER

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Ima Koi - Now I'm In Love

By Ayuko Hatta

After missing out on love because she was too shy to confess her feelings, high school student Satomi blurts out how she feels the next time she gets a crush--and it's to her impossibly handsome schoolmate Yagyu To her surprise, he agrees to date her. 

Official  Release Date: December 6, 2022 - PREORDER

PAPERBACK  $9.99 - *192   PAGES          *Check For Other Formats


Ghost Reaper Girl 3

By Akissa Saike

Chlo has dreamed of leading a glamorous life as an actress ever since she was little. But being the ripe old age of 28 might be working against her, and her spontaneous displays of violence aren't helping either Not all hope is lost, however--she might be perfect for the role offered by a mysterious and charming new man in her life. 

Official  Release Date: December 6, 2022 - PREORDER

PAPERBACK  $9.99 - *216   PAGES          *Check For Other Formats

Jujutsu Kaisen 18

By Gege Akutami


In order to thwart the culling game, Itadori needs the help of Kinji Hakari, a third-year who is currently suspended from Jujutsu High, so he decides to participate in an underground fight club where Hakari works as a bookie. Meanwhile, Fushiguro infiltrates the fight club and heads for Hakari's base of operations.

Official  Release Date: December 27, 2022 - PREORDER

PAPERBACK  $9.99 - *192  PAGES          *Check For Other Formats


Berserk Deluxe Edition 12

By Kentaro Miura & Duane Johnson

Griffith’s new Band of the Hawk assume their unholy forms to battle the monstrous Kushan emperor and his horde of demons, leaving the terrified Midland citizenry to wonder if their rescuers are another horrific curse. 

Official  Release Date: December 27, 2022 - PREORDER

HARDCOVER  $49.99 - *664  PAGES          *Check For Other Formats

Attack On Titan

Colossal Edition 7

By Hajime Isayama


Contains the FINAL VOLUMES of Attack on Titan in an extra-large size, on premium-quality paper

16 and up. Collecting: Attack on Titan Vol. 31-34.

Official  Release Date: November 29, 2022 - PREORDER

PAPERBACK  $44.99 - *832  PAGES          *Check For Other Formats


Kaguya-sama 24

By Aka Akasaka

Will Miko and Kobachi ever make up and be friends again? It seems unlikely, especially when they learn they might be competing for the affections of the same boy Then Miyuki gets roped into running a school event, Yu needs a date to attend it, the volatile situation with the Shinomiya conglomerate heats up, and Kaguya...disappears.

Official  Release Date: December 6, 2022 - PREORDER

PAPERBACK  $9.99 - *208  PAGES          *Check For Other Formats


The Apothecary Diaries  7

By Natasu Hyuuga & Nekokurage

After breaking a curse on the imperial heirs, a palace servant with training in herbal medicine is promoted up the ranks to food taster...and right into the thick of palace intrigue in this lushly illustrated historical mystery series.

Official  Release Date: December 13, 2022 - PREORDER

PAPERBACK  $12.99 - *192 PAGES          *Check For Other Formats


Komi Can't Communicate 22

By Tomohito Oda

Komi and her classmates are in the Big Apple, and Manbagi sees it as a chance to make a Big Confession. But as much as she wants to tell Tadano that she likes him, can she go through with it if it means changing her friendship with him (and Komi ) forever?

Official  Release Date: December 13, 2022 - PREORDER

PAPERBACK  $9.99 - *192 PAGES          *Check For Other Formats


One Piece 101

By  Eiichiro Oda

It's a family brawl as Kaido faces off against Yamato But Kaido and his powerful pirates aren't going to go down easily, even against the Straw Hats' best fighters. The key to victory may be the peculiar ability of a young girl.

Official Release Date: December 6, 2022 -PREORDER

PAPERBACK  $9.99*208 PAGES          *Check For Other Formats

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Sakamoto Days 5

By Yuko Suzuki


The situation is fraught during the casino battle between Sakamoto's staff and the Chinese triad. Can they protect Lu and get info on the bounty? To make matters worse, the very worst assassins from overseas are gunning for Sakamoto.

Official Release Date: December 13, 2022 - PREORDER

PAPERBACK  $12.99*192 PAGES          *Check For Other Formats


Pokemon - Sword & Shield

By Kusaka - Yamamoto

Awesome adventures inspired by the best-selling Pokemon Sword & Shield video games set in the wild Galar region. Casey Shield, a hacker who invented the Dynamax Simulator, and Henry Sword, a boy who repairs gear for Pok mon, both dream of entering the Galar region's Gym battles. Now a dream come true.

Official  Release Date: December 13, 2022 - PREORDER

PAPERBACK  $9.99 - *192  PAGES         *Check For Other Formats


Soul Eater 9

By Atsushi Ohkubo

Experience the quirky, action-packed adventures of Maka and Soul Eater like never before, with this all-new, deluxe collector's edition to celebrate Atsushi Ohkubo's global hit. 

Maka, Soul, and the gang are tasked with infiltrating Arachnophobia HQ Normally, sneaking around in disguise involve stealth and caution, but Black*Star--ever the star of the show--has other ideas.

Official  Release Date: November 29, 2022 - PREORDER

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2022  Select  Manga

Previous  Months 


Ohhhh no There goes Tokyo Locked in mortal combat with a mysterious kaiju who seems determined to raze the city.Kuroe struggles to hold her own, even in her kaiju form. But defeat would mean the death of her friends and the love of her life


Team Blue engages in their most complicated Turf War yet as they combat the Shadows, whose personalities are exact mirror reflections of Team Blue's own The result of the challenge will determine the fate of Inkopolis Square.


At the outlaw-infested city of Daniemi, Ryu meets Carlo, a former member of the trade metropolis's now-corrupt cops. Carlo's beloved Capo was murdered by a foul and craven lot, and Ryu agrees to help Carlo avenge him.


It's a new year full of new challenges Komi's class trip is going to be overseas this time, but the terrifying adventure begins now as Komi must gather her courage to go to the passport office and hand in her paperwork



In medieval Japan, eight-year-old Hojo Tokiyuki is the heir to the Kamakura shogunate. But the Hojo clan is in decline, and Tokiyuki's peaceful days of playing hide-and-seek with his teachers comes to an abrupt end when his clan is betrayed from within.


From the day his parents named him, Nasa Yuzaki has felt connected to outer space...whether he likes it or not. His efforts to outperform the space program veer off course when an accident introduces him to Tsukasa, a mysterious girl with strange powers. 


The overly confident Fujino and the shut-in Kyomoto couldn't be more different, but a love of drawing manga brings these two small-town girls together. A poignant story of growing up and moving forward that only Tatsuki Fujimoto, the creator of Chainsaw Man, could craft. 


Gray wolf Legoshi trains and fasts in preparation for the monthly black market battles, where he plans to duel mixed-species Melon. What is red deer Louis willing to sacrifice this time to help Legoshi triumph? Regardless, it seems that Legoshi's soft heart may be his biggest obstacle.



The big powers converge as Luffy, Law, and Kid face off against Kaido and Big Mom. Is there any hope of victory against this ultimate alliance? Onigashima quakes with power as some of the fiercest pirates in the world go head-to-head.


Celebrate 20 incredigle manga-worthy years of Bleach with this phenomenal and most exclusive volume featuring cover art from the series launch on August 20, 2001 in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.


In a quiet rural village, livestock has been dying off in a strange manner. Inugami, a detective of the occult, is summoned from Tokyo to solve the mystery. He meets a boy scorned by the villagers, who call him Dorotabo.


Once, Tsubaki and Nao were lovers, but that ended in tragedy. After three years apart, they reunite as enemies, and Nao is determined to take over Kogetsuan as the rightful heir. But, the pair are forced to set their feelings aside .... 



At great cost to the Garrison and the Survey Corps, Commander Erwin has managed to recover Eren from the Titans who tried to carry him off. But during the battle, Eren manifested yet another power he doesn't understand. COLLECTING: V-13-14-15.


When Kakashi sets off on a mission to the lush land of Redaku, he encounters its people suffering from a severe drought. The prince of Redaku can bring water to the land, but he has left his royal home for another village. Something sinister is brewing...but what?


Tired of random killing of people with her special ability Unluck, Fuuko Izumo sets out to end it all. But when she meets Andy, a man who longs for death but can't die, she finds a reason to live--and he, someone capable of giving him the death he's been longing for.


Rudeus plunges into the political fray, enacting Orsted's plan to put Ariel on the throne of the Asura Kingdom. Though fortune seems to favor them at first, the crafty Man God has one last card up his sleeve... eliminating a dangerous foe ... this must happen, first ....




Yoh's heart is set on returning to the Shaman Fight, but the X-Laws won't give him their blessing. He and Lyserg fight off Luchist, X-Laws founder turned Hao's minion, who arrives intent on eliminating Jeanne the Iron force.  Collecting - V 25-27.



Socially anxious high school student Shoko Komi's greatest dream is to make some friends, but everyone at school mistakes her crippling social anxiety for cool reserve. Luckily she meets Tadano, a timid wallflower who decides to step out of his comfort zone in order to help.



Everyone's favorite "Merc with a Mouth" is back.  As a member of the newly formed Samurai Squad, Deadpool moves to Tokyo. Whether he's  battling gods, attending concerts, or being repeatedly dismembered, Deadpool always brings chaos. 


Princess Yona lives an ideal life as the only princess of her kingdom. Doted on by her father, the king, and protected by her faithful guard Hak, she cherishes the time spent with the man she loves, Su-won. But everything changes on her 16th birthday .. a family tragedy...



As Luffy heads to the top of Onigashima for a direct confrontation with Kaido, the rest of the Straw Hats fight their own battles. The numbers aren't on their side, but perhaps some surprise allies will help even the odds.


At a high school where the students are literally divided into predators and prey, friendships maintain the fragile peace. Who among them will become a Beastar--a hero destined to lead in a society naturally rife with mistrust?


Tired of inadvertently killing people with her special ability Unluck, Fuuko Izumo, sets out to end it all. But when she meets Andy, a man who longs for death but can't die, she finds a reason to live.  A strange chemistry blooms.


On a visit to a city in the far west of Asia, a British girl named Nicola falls in love. The object of her affection is Mimar, a man who works at the city's bazaar--yet despite her attempts, he turns her down. Nicola is now a witch scorned..



Midoriya and Tomura have finally come to blows and the battle intensifies as Tomura tries to steal One For All. The clash extends into the One For All spirit realm, where the previous users and even All For One join the struggle.


Feeling ill from the Crimson Illness, Su-won is unable to attend a conference with a South Kai delegation. Yona goes in his stead and manages to hold her own, but what will she do when someone blames her for the death of one of the delegation members?


Sukuna is on a murderous rampage. Meanwhile, invaluabe Jujutsu Sorcerers have been taken down. Kugisaki falls into Mahito's trap. Feeling the burden of his sins, Itadori finds it hard to keep going, but he  rushes to help Kugisaki anyway....


Nene and Akane are rescued from the clutches of a horde of supernaturals by School Mystery No. 6... who then immediately kidnaps Aoi? With so many
School Mystery seats unfilled and the long, dark night of Urabon here at last, Aoi may be the only to it from disaster. 



Guts and companions finally arrived at the sea, but their respite is short as blood thirsty beasts possessed by malefic Kushan sorcery emerge from the surf. 


It's never been easier to attack Attack on Titan than with these new, giant-sized 3-in-1 omnibus editions! Now's your chance to relive the do-or-die shonen adventure! Decade defined!


When a feisty college girl falls for a yakuza boss. You see, Yuri was attacked at a party. That when Toshiomi, the underboss of a yakuza syndicate saved her or things may have be worse.


At this high school, instead of jocks and nerds, the students are divided into predators and prey. Here is where students are literally divided into predators and prey.



Broke young man + chainsaw dog demon = Chainsaw Man. With the climactic battle against the Gun Devil close, Aki may be wavering. ...


A Slice Of Shark-Toothed life. Hitomi-chan and her senpai Usami-kun are spending more and more time together, both at home and around town.


This volume corresponds to Vol. 19-21 of the original release, with updated translation back in print more than 20 years later!


Yuuhi, Phoebe, Cal, and Aaron are stranded in Siberian tundra as part of Ritual Ordeal. They must survive in order to come into their own as werewolbes.



Goku's adventure from the best-selling classic manga Dragon Ball continues in this new series written by Akira Toriyama himself.


Here are two action-packed tales of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Demon Slayer Corps fights to stop the devastation. 



The ninja adventures continue with Naruto's son, Boruto. Naruto  achieved his dream becoming the greatest ninja in his village. Next up!


Team-Up Missions Program pairs groups of aspiring heroes with the pros for volatile missions. Izuku and U.A. High friends are in. 






Jujutsu Kaisen 0

Original Japanese Version

 When the life of Yuta's friend is taken, he's cursed by her spirit. But with the Jujutsu sorcerers, he'll find her curse is his greatest gift.

Courtesy - @Vudu-Fandango

Jujutsu Kaisen 0

English Version

When the life of Yuta's friend is taken, he's cursed by her spirit. But with the Jujutsu sorcerers, he'll find her curse is his greatest gift.

Access Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Graphic Novels:







Original Japanese Version

When a sinister organization threatens to wipe out all superhuman powers, this is taken very seriously. This is no small matter since this could mean severe devastation to many.

In other words, there is reason to believe the fate of the world is on the line. With two hours until the collapse of civilization, Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki manage to work as a team, but there’s still one problem. Deku’s on the run for murder.



Original  Prequel  Graphic  Novel


The ambitious Team-Up Missions Program pairs groups of aspiring heroes with pro heroes to go on action-packed missions.

Although Izuku Midoriya and his U.A. High friends are thrilled to participate, there's just one catch--there's no telling who will be teamed up with whom From top heroes to students from other classes and schools, anyone could be on the same team.



Falling forever into an endless dream... Tanjiro and Nezuko, along with Zenitsu and Inosuke, join one of the most powerful swordsmen within the Demon Slayer Corps, Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku, to face the demon aboard the Mugen Train on track to despair.

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Streaming to Devices: My Hero Academia - Two Heroes, One Piece - Stampede, Your Name, Battle of Gods, Tokyo Ghoul, The Boy and the Beast, Attack On Titan - Part 1-2, Rorouni Kenshin - Part 1-3,  Fairy Tail - Dragon Cry, Parasyte - Part 1-2, and lots more!

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Streaming Courtesy - VUDU-Fandango





Goku is back to training hard so he can face the most powerful foes the universes have to offer, and Vegeta is keeping up right beside him. But when they suddenly find themselves against an unknown Saiyan, they discover a terrible, destructive force.  * 2018









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