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Warriors: A Starless Clan  3

By  Erin Hunter


The warrior code now allows a cat to formally change Clans, but ShadowClan's newest arrival feels increasingly unwelcome--and though ShadowClan warrior Sunbeam thinks every cat deserves a chance, one of the loudest voices of opposition is her own mother.

HARDCOVER  $19.99  - *AGES  8-12 - *350  PAGES

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Best Children's Book Connection. This special section features among the best children's books up to 12 years old - plus! Great reads for kids - whatever the circumstances!

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The One And Only Ruby

By  Katherine Applegate

Ruby's story picks up a few months after the events of The One and Only Bob. Now living in a wildlife sanctuary, Ruby's caretaker from the elephant orphanage in Africa where she grew up is visiting. Seeing him again brings back a flood of memories both happy and sad of her life before the circus,

PAPERBACK   $17.59  - *AGES  8-12 - *240  PAGES

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Stroke Of Midnight 18

By  Jordan Quinn  &  Robert McPhillips

Prince Lucas and Clara have until midnight to solve a magic mistake in this eighteenth fantastical adventure of The Kingdom of Wrenly series

Prince Lucas and Clara meet a witch-in-training who accidentally makes the two friends switch bodies. Stuck in a magical switcheroo with dangerous consequences, the two must find a way change back before the stroke of midnight...or their lives will change forever.


PAPERBACK   $6.99  - *AGES  5-9 - *128 PAGES

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Pirates Past Noon

By  Jenny Laird  &  Mary Pope Osborne

Captured by pirates! When Jack and Annie are whisked away in the magic tree house, they arrive on a beautiful beach. It’s paradise! That is, until the pirates arrive. . .


PAPERBACK   $9.99  - *AGES  6-9 - *176  PAGES

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By Miller-Luu-Canino

A fun and fresh spin-off of the New York Times bestselling Click graphic novels. With the school dance around the corner, fashionistas Beth and Chanda are ready to dazzle.


PAPERBACK  $13.99 - AGES  9-12 - *208 PAGES 

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Big Nate - Release The Hounds - 27

By  Lincoln Peirce

The newest collection of comics featuring Big Nate, who is now the star of a new animated TV series on Paramount] and Nickelodeon. 

Nate Wright's life kind of stinks. His dad's habit of handing out healthy snacks ruins another Halloween. 


PAPERBACK  $11.99 - AGES  8-12 - *176  PAGES 

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I Am Batman

By Brad Meltzer

This fictional biography of Batman launches the exciting start of the Stories Change the World series from Brad Meltzer and Chris Eliopoulos, the team behind the New York Times bestselling Ordinary People Change the World books.


HARDCOVER  $16.99 - AGES N/A - *40  PAGES 

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I Am Superman

By  Brad Meltzer

For almost 80 years, the story of Clark Kent has been told by thousands of creators and this picture book biography is the perfect way to introduce the young readers to this legendary superhero.

HARDCOVER  $16.99 - *40  PAGES 

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Investi-Gators 6

By  John Patrick Green

The bestselling sewer surfing super-sleuths, Mango & Brash, are back in this sixth volume of the smash hit InvestiGators: Heist and Seek.

When rare paintings go missing, the InvestiGators are called on the scene...the ART SCENE

HARDCOVER  $10.99 - Ages 8-12 - *208  PAGES 

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Lyle Lyle Crocodile

By  Bernard Waber

This funny junior novelization is based on the major motion picture Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, inspired by the beloved children's books by Bernard Waber. 

When the Primm family moves to New York City and into the house on East 88th Street, they are surprised to find a crocodile living in their attic. But Lyle isn't a regular crocodile--he's playful, and friendly, and he can. sing

PAPERBACK   $7.99 - *AGES  8-11   *208  PAGES

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