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Disney  Frozen - Polar  Nights

By  Jen  Calonita  & Mari  Mancusi

Anna, Queen of Arendelle, has been tirelessly preparing for the Polar Night's Celebration that is held every year to welcome the time when the sun doesn't rise in the Polar Circle. She has been working so hard, her fiance Kristoff suggests she take a night off to visit her sister Elsa, the Snow Queen. 


Official Release Date: July 19,  2022

HARDCOVER   $15.99  - *AGES  9-12 - *336 PAGES

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The  Big  Bad  Woof  -  V7

By  Felix  Gumpaw  &  Glass  House  Graphics

In the world of priceless paintings, one name threatens to huff and puff and steal all the art in Pawston: the Big Bad Woof With Rider busy with his new, mysterious friend, Vicky Crown, Rora takes the lead in sniffing out the notorious art thief. Can she and the Pup Detectives stop an art heist and save Rider from a friendship that could leave him framed?

Official Release Date: June 21 2022

HARDCOVER   $9.99  - *AGES  5-9 - *144 PAGES

DEALS About this book (Gold) 

Ham Helsing

By  Rich Moyer
After an invite to peaceful Camp Fish Head Lake, Ham and buddies arrive expecting to be guests of honor. But there are no staff to be seen, and with kids (and their overprotective parents) arriving, they decide to go with the flow. How hard can it be to keep a few kids out of trouble?


Official Release Date: June 14, 2022

HARDCOVER   $12.99  - *AGES  8-12 - *240 PAGES

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Barb And  The  Ghost  Blade

By Dan Abdo and Jason Patterson

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power meets Dav Pilkey's Dog Man in this high-octane and uproariously funny second book following Barb and her trusty yeti pal, Porkchop, on their quest to rescue her fellow warriors and liberate Bailiwick from the evil villain Witch Head!


Official Release Date: May 31,  2022

HARDCOVER  $13.99 - AGES  8-12 - *256 PAGES 

DETAILS About This Book (Gold)

Last  Ride  At  Lunar  Park

By  Geronimo Stilton  &  Tom Angleberger

A new ride is opening at Luna Park! Every mouse in New Mouse City has come for the grand opening. But the rides keep breaking down, and everything is going wrong. Can Geronimo and his friends figure out who is sabotaging the opening of the Train of Terror?


Official Release Date: May 17,  2022

HARDCOVER  $12.99 - AGES  7-10 - *208 PAGES 

DETAILS About This Book (Gold)

Layla The Last Black Unicorn

By Tiffany  Haddish  &  Jordine  Nolen

From beloved comedian, actress, and New York Times bestselling author Tiffany Haddish comes Layla, the Last Black Unicorn, a hilarious, original picture book tale about a lovable but awkward unicorn who learns why her uniqueness is her biggest strength.


Official Release Date: May 10,  2022

HARDCOVER  $18.99 - AGES  4-8 - *32  PAGES 

DETAILS About This Book (Gold)


Ben  Yokoyama  And  the  Cookie  Of  Doom

By Matthew Swanson  &  Robbi  Bear
Meet Ben, a literal-minded kid with a big heart and an even bigger sweet-tooth, who cracks open a fortune cookie and discovers that TODAY might be his last day on Earth!


Official Release Date: May 3,  2022

PAPERBACK  $7.99 - AGES  8-12 - *448  PAGES 

DETAILS About This Book (Gold)

Captain Underpants - V12

By  Dav  Pilkey

The future of all humanity is at stake in the final color installment in this New York Times bestselling series by Dav Pilkey, the author and illustrator of Dog Man.


Official Reprint: April 2022

HARDCOVER  $10.77 - *208  PAGES 

DETAILS About This Book (Gold)


Cat  Kid  Comic  Club

By  Dav  Pilkey
The Cat Kid Comic Club is deep in discovery in the newest graphic novel in the hilarious and heartwarming worldwide bestselling series by Dav Pilkey, the author and illustrator of Dog Man.
The comic club is going in all different directions Naomi, Melvin, and siblings are each trying to find their purpose. Naomi has an idea to get rich quick that causes a lot of commotion and emotion. And when faced with rejections, the friends try and try again to stay true to their vision. To top it off, a surprise visitor comes to class to stir things up. Will a desire for money and power cloud Naomi's purpose? Is it quitting time? Will the club ever be the same?


Official Release Date: April 12, 2022

HARDCOVER  $8.99 - *224  PAGES 

DETAILS About This Book (Gold)

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The  Flames  Of  Hope - Wings  Of  Fire

By  Tui  T.  Sutherland

The #1 New York Times bestselling series is hotter than ever, and this thrilling conclusion to the Lost Continent Prophecy arc is a must read.
With talons united . . . Luna has always wanted to change the world -- to fix it, to free it -- even if she's never actually known how. Now that all of dragon - and humankind are in mortal danger, Luna is flying back home to Pantala with a team of dragons on a rescue mission, determined to be brave and useful.


Official Release Date: April 5, 2022

HARDCOVER   $14.61 - *AGES  8-12   *368  PAGES

DEALS About this book (Gold) 


Godzilla: Monsters  And  Protectors - Rise  Up!

By  Erik  Burnham  & Dan Schoening
When Godzilla becomes humanity's judge, life on Earth will hang in the balance in this middle-grade graphic novel adventure! When a coldly single-minded businessman uses an untested element to create clean energy for a profit, he inadvertently awakens the beast from the deep--Godzilla! Sensing the harm the new energy poses to the planet, Godzilla attacks the heart of the problem--humankind! It will be up to three intrepid middle-school students--with a little magic help from Infant Island--to show Godzilla that not all humans are bad... and that there is still hope for Planet Earth. It's a kaiju battle like no other.


Official Release Date: March 22, 2022

PAPERBACK   $9.99 - *AGES  9-12   *120 PAGES

DEALS About this book (Gold) 


Kyndal's  Dream  Adventure

By Kyndal  Parker and H-Pax
Kyndal loves St. Patrick's Day. She gets rewarded every year with chocolate gold coins for showing kindness to others. But where are the chocolate gold coins coming from? It can't be leprechauns. Or can it? When Kyndal wakes up in a strange room, she begins a journey of discovering what life is like as a leprechaun, while learning about the power of kindness. Kyndal's Dream Adventure: Becoming A Leprechaun inspires children to embrace kind acts in any and every situation, as well as the importance of belief, especially in the face of the impossible. Kyndal Parker lives with her mother, father, and twin brothers. She is the oldest of three children.


Official Release Date: March 15, 2022

PAPERBACK   $25.99 - *AGES  7-12   *40 PAGES

DEALS About this book (Gold) 


Max  And  The  Midknights

By  Lincoln  Peirce
From the creator of the Big Nate series comes the third Max and the Midknights adventure. Everyone's favorite knight-in-training is back Max's twin is public enemy number one, and it's up to the Midknights to find her before time runs out But dangers loom, including bloodthirsty trolls, murderous pirates, and even a ruthless king--or two. Last time out, Max was surprised by how challenging knight school could be. But her best friend - who happen to be the Midnights, did a lot to help her adjust until those awful beastly creatures attacked Byjovia. But there are more surprises in this thrid edition of Max and the Midnights!



Official Release Date: March 1, 2022

PAPERBACK   $13.99 - *AGES  8-12   *272  PAGES

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By  John  Patrick  Green
The InvestiGators' latest case has our sewer-loving secret agents between a rock and a hard place in InvestiGators: Braver and Boulder, the latest chapter in the hilarious New York Times bestselling adventure graphic novel series from John Patrick Green. The InvestiGators are having a hard time keeping a low profile with their new headquarters being a giant robot towering over the city How can they be SECRET agents if everyone recognizes them? But with their ears to the ground, Mango and Brash hear mysterious rumblings about BOULDER BUDDIES...are they just the latest fad or part of a mob-run scheme? 


Official Release Date: February 22, 2022

PAPERBACK   $10.99 - *AGES  7-10   *208 PAGES

DEALS About this book (Gold) 


Marvel's  SHURI: Defender Of Wakanda

Discover Wakanda's biggest secrets.
Meet Princess Shuri, the clever scientist behind Wakanda's remarkable technology. Join in the action as Shuri, her brother Black Panther, and their allies battle to protect Wakanda.
Step into this amazing world in this thrilling Level 2 DK Reader. Exciting images, simple vocabulary, and a fun quiz will engage young Super Hero fans and help them build confidence in reading. (c) 2022 MARVEL



Official Release Date: February 8, 2022

PAPERBACK   $5.99  *AGES  5-7   *48  PAGES

Deals  About  This  Book  (Gold)


Storm  On  Snowbelle  Mountain

By  Rebecca  Elliot
Bo discovers friendly yetis in this early chapter book from the USA Today bestselling author of Owl Diaries! Pick a book. Grow a Reader! This series is part of Scholastic's early chapter book line, Branches, aimed at newly independent readers. With easy-to-read text, high-interest content, fast-paced plots, and illustrations on every page, these books will boost reading confidence and stamina. Branches books help readers grow! In the sixth book of USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Elliott's Unicorn Diaries series, unicorn Bo and friends set out to explore Snowbelle Mountain and maybe run into some yetis! 


Official Release Date: February 1, 2022

PAPERBACK   $5.99  *AGES  5-7   *336  PAGES

DEALS About this book (Gold) 



Middle  School

By  James  Patterson & Jomike Tejido
Rafe feels like a caged lion at his summer job at the zoo--until a real lion desperately needs his help. Rafe Khatchadorian is days away from sweet, sweet summer freedom until bad grades threaten to land him in . . . SUMMER SCHOOL. It's impossible to fail out of a summer job, right? Wrong.
He strikes out at the zoo then grosses out at a billionaire's country club: Digging a pit for the annual clambake Scrubbing chewed bubblegum, sooty fireplaces, and . . . toilets Polishing the chrome on his boss's ATV. Rafe is destined for the Failed Jobs Hall of Fame until an encounter with an endangered lion puts his wildlife knowledge to the test . . . and it's more than his grade on the line this time.



Official Release Date: January 25, 2022

HARDCOVER   $13.99 -  eBook $9.99  *AGES  8-12   *336  PAGES

DEALS About this book (Gold) 


5  Worlds  Book  5

By  Alexis  and  Mark  Siegel w/Xanthe Bouma
Oona and her friends face their ultimate challenge in the final installment of the graphic sci-fi fantasy series: The Last Airbender! In the epic conclusion to the 5 Worlds series, the final battle looms as Oona, Jax, and An Tzu travel to the treacherous world of Grimbo (E)! There, Oona must light the last beacon to save the 5 Worlds, but first she has to find it! When Jax saves an old friend, Oona is given a clue to the green beacon's location. Unfortunately, the journey to lighting it on this strange, watery planet is the most dangerous yet. Meanwhile, Stan Moon has one more trick up his sleeve as his frightening powers and mysterious connection to An Tzu continue to grow. 


Official Release Date: January 18, 2022

PAPERBACK   $12.99 - *AGES  8-12   *272  PAGES

DEALS About this book (Gold)


Sonic  Hedgehog

By  Evan  Stanley  &  Adam  Bryce
Fan-favorite artist Evan Stanley takes over as writer! A new storyline begins, perfect for new readers, as Team Sonic races to help a friend in need! Hold on to your chili dogs, Sonic fans! The Metal Virus is gone, but things aren't back to normal. Omega is damaged, and his allies turn to Team Sonic for help. The only way to rebuild him is to trade parts with a mysterious champion Chao racer, so it's off to the races for Cream, Cheese, Amy, and Rouge! They'll have to keep up their winning streak or surrender Cheese to Clutch's evil.. clutches! Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails are being watched by a mysterious figure in Dr. Eggman's seemingly abandoned base.


Official Release Date: January 11, 2022

PAPERBACK   $14.20 - *AGES  9-12   *96  PAGES

DEALS About this book (Gold) 



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"Begin reading to your child as  soon as you can .... children learn your voice and start to interact with the world. It’s important to make reading a part of their life, as the benefits of reading last a lifetime." Dr. Eileen Santa-Sosa, Phd



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From a leading child psychologist comes this groundbreaking new understanding of children's behavior, offering insight and strategies to support both parents and children. Over her decades as a clinical psychologist, DrMona Delahooke has routinely counseled distraught parents who struggle to manage their children's challenging, sometimes oppositional behaviors.
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Finally, welcome to the " Parents' 'Sweet'. " This area is especially dedicated to the best people on the planet. Wonder who they are? Well, whoever they are, they're kids can't be too far behind. Best parents, best kids? Naaaa... can't beat that at any rate!






Dr. Eileen Santa-Sosa, Ph.D

The Joy And Benefits

Of Reading to Your Child

Dr. Santa-Sosa, Phd is a psychologist with Children's Health Hospital of Dallas, Texas. She  specializes in the development of infants and young children.

"Begin reading to your child as  soon as you can  ..... as children learn your voice and start to interact with the world. It’s important to make reading a part of their life, as the benefits of reading last a lifetime."  

"Young children learn how books work by observing and interacting. They learn how to turn the pages and how to read from left to right,"

Dr. Santa-Sosa adds. "Parents can describe pictures to younger children, and help them to relate the pictures to their daily experiences. Closer to preschool, point out pictures in books and ask your child what they think will happen next. Encourage your child to think about what the person or animal might be feeling and share that with you."

Dr. Eileen Santa-Sosa, Ph.D.



Dr. Dipesh Navasari



Dr. Navasaria, MD is a practicing Pediatrician at American Family Children's Hospital of Madison, Wisconsin. He is also  active publicly in Early Childhood Literacy and related areas.

"The key is that reading to very young children follows different rules. I’m going to give you permission to 'not do' some things:

*You don’t need to read every page.

*You don’t need to read pages in any specific order.

*And you don’t even need to actually read what it says on the page.

What you’re building now is a comfort with books and the association of books with something she’ll treasure above all: Your love and attention.

Dr. Dipesh Navasaria




"CHILDREN'S BOUTIQUE" is a parental heaven to all the fun children's toys, games, and reads for all ages up to 12 years old. It's a great option to shopping innumerable reads specifically for children. Then once there, parents are treated with a delicate balance of other discounted items in the carousel above. Then there's the convenience of the sites search bar!  Enjoy!






No-Drama Discipline : The Whole-Brain Way to Calm the Chaos and Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind



13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don't Do





No Excuses :: Being the Father My Son Deserves



Parenting by the Book : Biblical Wisdom for Raising Your Child



Parenting with Love and Logic : Teaching Children Responsibility



Mindsets for Parents : Strategies to Encourage Growth Mindsets in Kids







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