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NONFICTION: Scathing Commentary On US Poltical Drama


By John Boener

HARDCOVER $24.89   *288  PAGES
There could hardly have been a more diametrically opposed figure to represent the opposition party in President Barack Obama's Washington. But when Boehner announced his resignation, President Obama called to tell the outgoing Speaker that he'd miss him. Mr. President, Boehner replied, yes you will. Boehner offers his impressions of leaders he's met and what made them successes or failures, from Ford and Reagan to Obama, Trump, and Biden. He shares his views on how the Republican Party has become unrecognizable today. Through Speaker Boehner's honest and self-aware reflections, you'll be reminded of a time when the adults were firmly in charge.
Publish Date: April 13, 2021


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YA Sci-Fi: Fantastical Warfare "Outrun The Galaxy" 


By Charlie Jane Anders

 HARDCOVER $15.67   *288 PAGES
Tina never worries about being 'ordinary'--she doesn't have to, since she's known practically forever that she's not just Tina Mains, average teenager and beloved daughter. She's also the keeper of an interplanetary rescue beacon, and one day soon, it's going to activate, and then her dreams of saving all the worlds and adventuring among the stars will finally be possible. Tina's legacy, after all, is intergalactic--she is the hidden clone of a famed alien hero, left on Earth disguised as a human to give the universe another chance to defeat a terrible evil. "Outsmart Your Enemies. Outrun the Galaxy."
Publish Date: April 13, 2021



Romance Thriller: Hunt For Serial Killer Of Women


By Mary  Burton

PAPERBACK $12.95 - *347  PAGES
Forensic psychologist and single mother Ann Bailey has joined forces with Montana Highway Patrol officer Bryce McCabe. An expert in untangling the motives of depraved minds, Ann is tasked to help solve the mystery of two murdered women doused with gasoline and set aflame. It's not hard for Ann to be reminded of the charismatic Elijah Weston, who served a decade in prison for arson--a crime that nearly cost Ann her life. Elijah may have been exonerated, but the connection to these rage killings is impossible for Ann to ignore. One of the victims has been identified as an obsessed Elijah groupie. Elijah has obsessions, too. 
Publish Date: April 13, 2021



Business: How Caring More For Employees Helps Productivity


By By Helen R. Younger

HARDCOVER $19.55 - *192 PAGES 
Heather Younger argues that if you are looking for increased productivity, customer satisfaction, or employee engagement, you need to care for your employees first. People will go the extra mile for leaders who show they are genuinely concerned not just with what employees can do but with who they are and can become. But while most leaders think of themselves as caring leaders, not all demonstrate that care in consistent ways. Your employees will judge you by your actions, not your intentions. Leaders have the power to change the lives of those they lead. They shouldn't just want to care.
Publish Date: April, 2021



MANGA Sci-Fi: Advetures Of Being Reincarnated As A Sword 


By Yuu Tanaka and Tomoko Maruyama

PAPERBACK $11.26 - *180 PAGES 
After a special request from the Guild, Fran and her magic sword, Teacher, descend into the depths of the perilous Spider's Nest. This is a daring move which would mean the death of them all, but it has to be done. It is very deep, unsteady, and unknown - and very creepy. One must have strong arms and legs, and be very fast in this tricky web and one must have loyal companions like Amanda, the mighty A-rank adventurer. For a little while things are going quite smoothly...until a horrible trap throws everything into chaos. The shortspoken catgirl and her steel-edged dad are in for one heck of a fight. But together - they have a great fighting chance!
Publish Date : April 13, 2021



G-Novel: Reasons Behind Our Being Influenced Unawares


By Patrick Shand and Daniel Gete

PAPERBACK $9.99 - *64  PAGES 
Warrior Nun, now a Netflix original series, re-launches for readers of all kinds with a new Nun and new attitude The Satanic Panic of the 80s has fallen away to a new wave of rebellious kids in rural Pennsylvania in the 1990s. Dora, a grunge-obsessed teen, is caught in the middle of what appears to be a dark ritual, and is sent away to a secret school by her devoutly religious parents. There, Dora is shocked to find a group of nuns that fight against the forces of evil - but when undead horror comes Dora's way, what will this misfit do to protect herself? Have faith in Warrior Nun This volume has the complete first Dora story.
Publish Date: April 13, 2021



 Children's Gift Book: Fun Catch For New Readers Ages 5-8


By  Disney  Books

PAPERBACK  $6.99  *128  PAGES 
Anita and her new friends are on a mission to bring joy back to the gloomy halls of their new boarding school. But their plans get put on hold when Anita comes across an abandoned Dalmatian puppy in the schoolyard. As her new fluffy roommate becomes less and less of a secret, Anita discovers that a dog is just what her school needs to bring back a little cheer. Until then, resident mean girl, Cruella De Vil, tricks Anita and her friends at every turn and threatens to reveal the puppy to the grumpy Headmistress. Newly independent readers ages 5-8 will love this new illustrated chapter book based on Disney's 101 Dalmatians. 
Publish Date: April 13, 2021


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FICTION: Mysterious Shooting On The Ocean Investigated


By John  Sanford

Hardcover $21.06 - eBOOK $14.99  *416  PAGES 
An off-duty Coast Guardsman is on a fishing trip with his family when he notices a boat drifting a few knots distance. He calls it in to base. Three on-duty cohorts responded speeding towards the vessel to investigate. There was definitely something awry - but what? Unexpectly, a lone diver emerges from the deep waters quite a ways from the far distant boat.  No doubt, something is definitely not right.The crew slowed down ready to assist, not knowing what to make of it.. until it was too late. Gunned down by a mysterious diver. Federal officers killed. This places the case well within the jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation - the FBI.
Publish Date: April 13, 2021













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