These great manuals cover the gamut of home needs from kitchen repairs to gardens. There are instructions guides for doing just about anything around the house we'd otherwise hire others to do. But there's a home-strong motto: If they learned to do it - so can we! " Dive in. Learn how it's done. Do it, too! Success! - SECURE                     




















Home With Rue

By Kelli Lamb & Nate Berkus


Home with Rue is a compendium of inspirational and accessible ideas to help anyone imagine, plan, and create their ultimate living space. Written in the signature Rue voice and full of beautiful images of real homes lived in by real people, it features thoughtfully curated advice, how-to information, and resources. 

272  PAGES



Ultimate Guide - Wiring -

8th Updated Edition

By  Charles Byers


The most recent edition to the best-selling wiring manual, Ultimate Guide: Wiring, 9th Edition demystifies home wiring and residential electrical systems with easy-to-understand language, step-by-step photography, and detailed illustrations. Homeowners will learn how their home's electrical system works.

328  PAGES 


Martha  Stewart's


By  Martha  Stewart


The ultimate guide to getting your life in order--with hundreds of practical and empowering ideas, projects, and tips--from America's most trusted lifestyle authority.

Trust Martha to help you master all things organizing--sorting, purging, tidying, and simplifying your life--with smart solutions and inspiration. Here, she offers her best guidance, methods, and DIY projects for organizing in and around your home. 

288  PAGES



Black and Decker -

The Book Of  Home


By Editors Of Cool Springs Press


Home How-To Home Repair provides colorful step-by-step photos and instruction for over 50 common household repairs :  wiring,plumbing, all current with the latest  codes--presented in a new, user-friendly design for today's homeowners.

144  PAGES



The  Home  Edit  -  Workbook

By  Clea  Shearer  &  Joanna  Teplin


The New York Times bestselling authors of The Home Edit and stars of the Netflix series Get Organized with The Home Edit help you organize every aspect of your life with the 52 home-editing challenges in this must-have workbook. Here are 52 challenges for every room of the home.

144  PAGES



Black And Decker Codes  5

For  Homeowners - 2021-2023

By  Bruce  A. Barker


Get those home projects you've been putting off done--and up to code. Many of the most common municipal standards are handily addressed  in this edition. This special publication includes plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and construction. 2021-2023 5th Edition

 240  PAGES


Basements Complete

By Steve Cory


In Basements Complete, author Steve Cory covers the most popular remodeling approaches and projects for basements, including information on preventing mold and mildew, moving pipes up or over to make more headroom, bringing more light into a dark space, mitigating radon, and sealing floors and walls.

256  Pages



Ultimate Book Of

Modern Farmhouse Plans


Carefully chosen and curated, this book features hundreds of desirable, ready-to-purchase house plans you can build right away. Also included are expert articles on modern farmhouse design and decorating, stylish and functional laundry and mud rooms, great outdoor living spaces, kitchen layouts for socializing, and more. 

288   PAGES



Beginner's Guide To

DIY And Home Repair

By Bahari-Chislett


Start doing your own household repairs and simple renovations without the expense of calling in a professional If you are frustrated by your own inability to handle a repair, or resentful of having to pay someone to take care of simple home maintenance--you've come to the right place. 

160   PAGES



Ultimate Guide Plumbing

By Creative Homeowner


Make minor and major DIY repairs and improvements that will save you money. No need to hire a plumber, especially in emergencies when you need an immediate fix. Learn everything you need to know about the actionable basics.


Yard  And  Garden  Furniture

By  Bill  Hylton


Yard and Garden Furniture provides 20 creative and useful outdoor projects - simple to sophisticated. These step-by-step instructions,  photography, supply lists, cutting plans, and assembly views equip you for a wide variety of yard projects.

192  PAGES




Kitchen  Upgrades

By  Fine  Homebuilding


The pros take you through every step of remodeling process with over 300 photographs and illustrations. Included: identifying best layout; choosing best fixtures, materials; installing flooring, countertops, etc.

 240  PAGES



100 Weekend Projects

Anyone Can Do

By Family Handyman


100 do-it-yourself simple projects, requiring only basic tools, precut lumber and standard materials.

Build fashionable, functional, inexpensive indoor and backyard furniture--even if you're a complete beginner. These are realistic projects for the average weekend warrior that require no great skills, just normal tools you already have and easy-to-buy materials available at any home store.

288  PAGES



The Ultimate Guide To

Home Repair And Improvement


The most complete home improvement manual on the market, this newly updated edition of Ultimate Guide to Home Repair and Improvement offers thousands of photos, 800 drawings, and understandable, practical text.

Readers will find essential instruction on plumbing and electrical repairs, heating and cooling, roofing and siding, cabinets and countertops, and more.

Information is also provided on tools, materials, and basic skills, plus 325 step-by-step DIY projects with how-to photo sequences. 

 608  PAGES



A DIY Smart Home Guide

By  Robert Chin


Design and build custom devices that work through your phone to control your home remotely.

This hands-on guide presents you with an accessible and inexpensive way to do it yourself using free software that will enable your home and your mobile devices to communicate. 

480  PAGES



Renovation 5th Edition

By  Michael Litchfied & Chip Harley


When it comes to home renovation, there's no substitute for experience. Renovation 5th Edition contains the collective wisdom of hundreds of remodeling contractors, architects, and tradespeople who shared their first-hand experience with Mike Litchfield as he interviewed and photographed them on job sites across North America.

656  PAGES


Garden Ponds, Fountains

& Waterfalls

By  Creative Homeowners


Garden Ponds, Fountains & Waterfalls for Your Home provides essential information on designing and installing all types of home water gardens, from naturalistic to formal, plus fountains, waterfalls, streams, and bog gardens. 

288  PAGES


28 Powerful Home

Security Solutions

By  Damian Brindle


For unsuspecting homeowners seeing the aftermath for the first time can be a scary sight, and being subject to a home invasion is downright terrifying. Fortunately, there are dozens of actions that you can take to stay safe, knowledge that for most of us only comes after it's too late.

122  PAGES



Above all, we may also want to seriously consider: 


1. Since no one is a "natural" when it comes to Doing It Yourself, ALWAYS read instructions and pay attention to advice given along with them. 

2. When handling materials like wood, metal, or harmful chemicals ALWAYS wear gloves designed for handling them. For example, it may not be wise to handle muriatic acid with regular work gloves. Wear gloves which are approved for handling the kind of harsh chemicals we intend to use. 

3. Use the right tool for the job. For example, it may not be a good idea to use a butter knife in place of a screwdriver or a wrench to substitute for a hammer or a hammer in place of work requiring a mallet.

4. When using power tools such as chop saws, jigsaws,  "ripsaws," table saws, etc.. or hanging materials, you may want to wear safety glasses built and designed well enough to protect your eyes from "un-announced" flying particles of sawdust, splinters, and fragments of the material you are working with. Better to keep cleaning them than to risk something landing in your eyes or worse. Keep the lenses clean with professionally recommended hypoallergenic  solutions (fluids which are unlikely to cause harm to our eyes).


5. Outerwear. Wear the right clothing for the project. Avoid wearing anything loose which could get caught in a rotating blade. Also, pressure washing can be very messy, especially from the spray which often blows/splashes back or rains on us when spraying above. Expect to get wet. But we may want to dress so as to minimize that as much as possible - along with the effects of all the filthy water and airborne particles. We may want to wear good safely glasses as well.

6. Ladder Safety. Please be sober enough to do so safely. Use the right ladder for the job. Example: For most homes, a six-foot ladder is too short for projects entailing the upper exterior of the home. Best advice is for us to notice the ladders which MOST professional home service people use for upper exterior home projects. We may want to use those type.

Unfortunately, what MOST these home service people don't seem to do is TIE-DOWN their ladders to prevent them from suddenly sliding when they over-reach. Normally, a sliding unsecure ladder [not tied down], if not stopped in time, does not stop until about a second or two later -- on the ground.

7. When working overhead installing drywall, light fixtures, or otherwise working with anything above our heads, ALWAYS wear clean, professionally recommended safety glasses. If using a ladder, please be certain we are sober, it is sturdy, the ideal design, and the 'perfect' height for the project.

8. ALWAYS look for safety directions and other advice before using a power tool, materials, and other things we are not personally or professionally familiar with. Know the risks. Pay attention to WARNING labels. Please heed them.



Do It Like The Professionals


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