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*Booksforthehome [BTH] is an independent online "bookstore" which makes available to visitors another great way to easily access books and related product-services which have been consistently available via time-proven online merchants and virtual entertainment sources.
BTH is strictly an online entity which serves the needs of visitors who look forward to benefiting from its offerings by way of not only books - but the movies related to them.


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Although most genre of book [ebooks, hardcover, paperback, audio, comic, etc] are most of what the entity showcases and provides for immediate access, there are book-related amenities. All work together to reward patrons with the greatest possible online experience. This includes no irritating pop-up ad distractions or "land mines." Shop in peace.



*Book Supply is Retailer direct in the U.S. This means patrons receive their orders directly from book retailer online.
*Book Condition is overwhelmingly “New.” Those which are “used” or “may be may damaged,”are conspicuously offered as such. There is full disclosure on all books, irrespective of condition. Normally, this latter genre (very few in number) is listed under “Vintage,” “Rare & Collectibles”, and by other clear terms to notify readers of its genre and condition. However, the standard is for “New” (mass market newly released) and “Preorder” which are nationally “Coming Soon” (within a day or months).
*Digital Products, such as eBooks, MP3 audio, and book-related movies are instantly uploaded to devices (give or take a few seconds buffering).



*Free Shipping. Primarily this is offered for book club member. One of a few advantages is a gracious policy in this regard “Free Shipping on Every Order.” This means, for those club members ordering books which have delivery destination to a US address, there is no volume requirement in order for them to receive this benefit.


This is also an ideal portal for those who handle large quantities of books to connect in only seconds for time and money saving details  for  special  package deals.


*Shipping: Orders made from and within the U.S. are normally picked, packaged, and shipped within 24 hours of said orders being received. This is applicable for only hardcopy, paperpack, and other physical books(including those which are in DVD or other material format). However some manga and classic books can take longer since they require special packaging and shipping procedure which most books do not. If there are any exclusive shipping approximate timelines forrelated manga and classics/vintage, this information is disclosed in the same area book/item is located. This enables consumers to know in advance of ordering.

For greater detail, interested parties can browse : Consumer Relations Policy


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