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Boeing IMAX,  Pacific Science Center,  Central Seattle



Learn more about how our book-related mobile ticket amenity for Seattle theaters can work for you, too. Tickets are generated electronically, as usual, to your home or portable device instantly.


Active  Box  Office  Ticket  Access

More  are added - but over time. 


Tickets  Can  Be  Digitized And Saved  To  Your  Devices To Present At Box Office. Tickets Are  For  The  Movies  Listed  On  This  Site. These  Box  Office  Movies  Are "Book-Related," meaning, They Were Adapted From Published Storylines ( books).  These Are Either  Currently  At  Box  Offices  or Coming  Soon. 



Special  Tips


AMC  Pacific  Place  11 , Central  District


We  may want to first talk about the ticketing service before we get to the books  which the movies at local theaters are based on  -  in one way or another.


Fast  Service

Fast mobile tickets are electronically generated to your home or mobile device instantly after orders are confirmed, i.e., as soon as the transaction is complete.  Service is especially for Seattle residents and vistors to see movies Coming Soon or Now Playing in the area. Normally when moviegoers order online, the digital tickets are automatically sent directly to the device of the person who ordered them. That remains standard practice. 


Oak  Harbor  Cinemas, Whidbey  Island



Ticket Safety

Keep them safe.  Whether you order 1 or more, the security of your ticket (s) is obviously in your field. Best way may be to always know who's using your device. As we know, it's usually not a great idea sharing access codes.


Majestic  Bay  Theaters, Ballard



VIP Status

Also there's special VIP status and movie-related advantages offered for those who would like this extra convenience. 

Regal  Thornton   Place  IMAX  &  Screen X, Northgate


Mobile Users and 4G + Ability

Mobile device users may want to know that your range of power is recommended to be 4G or greater. 3G is being phased out, meaning, soon it'll be useless. So if we're having transmission troubles which "seem" to be getting worse, it could be the device is less than 4G-powered.  4G's  ten times faster because the connections are ten times better, especially ordering tickets digitally. 


The  Admiral  Theater, West Seattle


Accessing  Books  The  Movies  At  Theater  Are  Based  On

* Relish The  Advantage  For  Also  Ordering  The  Books  Related To  Movies  They  Were Created  From.
* Visitors Have  Complete  Option  For:
1.  Digitally  Accessing  Only  The  Tickets Now.
2.   Ordering  Only  Related  Book (s). If they are ebooks, download is immediate. Pre-ordered  ebooks also immediately downloaded on due date.
Physical  books shipped within 24 hrs on  receipt of order                            and  delivered depending largely on  speed  of  delivery service  (USPS or other courier of visitor's choosing).
 3.    Digitally  Accessing  The  Tickets  in  Addition  To                          Ordering  Related  Book (s).

Book  and  Ticket  Services  Are Separate  Purchases. 

These are not tied together.  


Note: BTH  Will  Only  Post  Select  Book-Related  Movies.  So  There  Will  Never  Be  "Loads" Of  These  Showcase In The

"Movie Section" On  The  Website.

There  Will  Only  Be  A Very  Small  Number  Which  May  "Disappear"  From  This  Area  After  Around  3  Months - IF Still  At  Theaters. The Reason Is After A While They  "Get Old." Most Moviegoers  Are  More  Interested  In  What's  Newer.           

Newer  To  Be  Added. 

BTH  Hopes  Questions  You  May  Have  Had  Were  Answered  Here.  If  You  Benefited  From  Information  Shared - Or Even  From  Any  Of  The  Book  And  Ticket  Service, Please  Share  That  In  Comments Section Here : Consumer Relations

Patrons Are Welcome  To  Visit  Our  "Movie  Section" To  Order  Tickets  and  The  Books.  Have  A  Great  Time!





Cinemark, Bellevue

Fast mobile tickets electronically generated to your home device instantly. This top online service is especially for Seattle residents and vistors to see movies in the area.



Landmark's  Crest  Cinema  Center, Shoreline

Whether it's a home computer, laptop, or mobile phone, the tickets are stored for safekeeping until the customer has it scanned by the attendent at the door.


Ark  Lodge  Cinema, South  Seattle


Friendly Reminder:
* mobile device users may want to know that your range of power is recommended to be 4G or greater since 3G is getting slower and slower, and will soon be phased out.
* 4G - 5G many times faster because the connections are many times better, especially ordering tickets digitally. Enjoy the show!



Spider-Man - No  Way  Home


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